What did I do/buy this weekend? (February 10-11, 2018)

Heya’ everybody! Sorry for the late blog post! I had a lot of fun this weekend! Come and see what I did! 🙂

Well last Saturday, LOCMom and I went up to Weaverville, CA to see the annual Chinese New Year Lion Dance! It’s the Year of the Dog, ya’ll! This year, instead of kids performing the Lion Dance, there was a Chinese martial arts group performing the dance and they were absolutely super! Really talented those people were!

lion 1

lion 2

And the inside of the California State Park’s Weaverville Joss House Temple!

lion 3

Sorry for the red circles in the pictures on two pics. I just felt the need to blot out these people’s faces because if it were me being photographed randomly really well and uploaded to a blog, I would like permission first. 😉 Didn’t do that for everyone in the pics, but I edited out the most obvious well captured faces. 🙂

Also, LOCMom’s friends were with us at the Lion Dance and we had lunch together after the big show! The food was good, but my fries could have been a little warmer. Oh well. 🙂 LOCmom’s friends then left and after checking out the local art shop and me hanging a memory on a Memory Tree in it, we drove home and relaxed all day!

Also bought a Starbucks’ glass cup ornament at Starbucks for 40% off for next Christmas since LOCMom likes Starbucks a lot. It was really cute and she picked it out herself, so I just had to get it! 😀

Money Spent on Saturday

  • Starbucks Ornament – (around $4.50)
  • Postage Stamps (for leftover Valentine’s cards) – $10.00

Total Amount Spent: $14.50

On Sunday, I decided to hit up Goodwill and found two things there! A card shuffler and a shower mat. Alas, the shower mat was brand new in its package, but didn’t work for my tub floor. Booooooooo. 😦 I have tried numerous shower mats for that flippin’ shower floor and none of them have worked in the past except my last one which was 15 bucks. I decided after the shower mat I bought at Goodwill that I will not be buying anymore. However, the card shuffler worked great! And I only paid $2.19 for it. 🙂 Not a bad deal since they go for like 10 bucks each on Amazon last time I checked! LOCMom has been wanting a card shuffler for a while and I happily bought the one I came across at Goodwill that day. 🙂

I also hit up the dollar store for a few small things as well. 🙂

Then after Dollar Tree, LOCMom and I went to feed the birds! And oh my god, there were SO MANY PIGEONS THERE! Like, there was like, 200 hundred of them at least. I heard in a movie or TV show once they were called “rats with wings” and I must agree that they did act like a bunch of hungry rats with wings…

Here are three pictures of all of them!



And the last one…


See? Crazy huh? O _O There was so many of them even the duckies and the geese didn’t want to eat around them. Little piggies!

Then to end the day, LOCmom made a nice meatloaf dinner for LOCAuntV who came over and visited with us for a bit! It’s always nice to see her and catch up. 🙂

Money Spent on Sunday

  • Circle Hair Brush (OCC Gift) (Dollar Tree Item) – $1.00
  • Hershey’s Cookie and Cream Candy Bar (Dollar Tree Candy) – $0.89
  • Shower Mat (New in package) (Goodwill item) – $4.19
  • Card Shuffler (Goodwill Item) – $2.19

Total Amount Spent: $8.27

So yeah… My shower mat failed, but at least I got a cool card shuffler! Battery operated! 🙂 I fear that this month may be a bit spendy, but I will try to make everything work! ^_^

How was your weekend?

Ask a Millennial! Do I like clothes and/or stuff with logos on them?

Welcome to my blog series, ‘Ask a Millennial!’ In this blog series, I, as a millennial, discuss things pertaining to millennials that people and companies think we like, dislike, or things we supposedly like to do or not do! Let’s get started!

So I was Business Insider again reading when I came across this article saying that logos are back in style among millennials. According to the article, millennials like myself shunned clothing or purses with logos on them, but since Ralph Lauren’s logo t-shirts were their best sellers this season, it appears that logo stuff is going to come back strongly! And even Calvin Klein is getting on the train advertising their clothing on Kardasians.

So… Do I as a millennial like clothing and stuff with logos on them? Well, the answer may surprise you, but it is either yes or no for me. It really just depends on the stuff with the logos on them and it really comes down to what the logos look like. I guess these companies were onto something when they thought millennials liked logos on their stuff because I am person that is in the “it depends” logo market. In the article’s examples of actual clothing and a lone Coach purse with logos on them, I really do not see the problem with most of the stuff. Heck, I’d even wear some of it. 🙂 But alas, I am too cheap to buy logo stuff new at retail prices, so it’s either discount store prices or thrift store prices for me. But this millennial likes wearing logos only when a brand I consider “high end” is on the clothing or purses. Yes, I have a wine taste on a beer budget attitude when it comes to this stuff. 😛

For example, I like designer purses that are real and not fakes. Bought at a discount or thrifted, of course. 😉  I like the fact that I can display a fancy schmancy logo to the world that says, “Yes, I have a REAL designer bag! And look how cute I accessorised it with my cute keychains! :D” So it’s not all about advertising the company’s logo for me as in me saying that I have a designer bag. Yes, I would wear a bag that wasn’t designer and didn’t have a logo on it if it was the perfect cross body bag (the only bags I like), but something about having a logo on my bag gives me the feeling of having status despite my financial situation and therefore, that makes me feel good. It’s like me saying to the world, “Hey, I have a cool bag! I can afford this sh*t too! :P” What REALLY makes me feel good when I buy a new bag at a discount store or at a thrift store is that I didn’t have to finance it at all and it is already paid for it! That is the best feeling ever! 😀 Knowing you actually paid cash for your bag and you own it entirely! No monthly payments on your QVC card you could say. 😛

But I do feel some bitterness toward certain logos. Back in the 2000’s when I was in high school, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostle, and American Eagle stuff was all in style. Unfortunately for me the time, I was a size 16 pant size and you could say my waist and butt did not fit the stereotypical “popular girl” teenage body. I was very curvy and when I looked at those girls who were so thin in high school, I wished I could have been as thin as they were so I could wear American Eagle pants too because you see, I enjoyed the eagle logo on the American Eagle pants a lot when I was younger and I still do. It’s been a secret dream of mine to own a pair of American Eagle pants or clothing in general because I liked the style of their clothes, but I didn’t want to pay the retail price tag for their clothes. I guess it’s not a secret anymore, haha. 😛 But as for Aeropostle and Abercrombie and Fitch clothing, even American Eagle clothing, I also kind of didn’t like the brands too much. High school me attributed them to “popular student clothing” and after being teased by popular kids in middle school or how I judged “popular kids” in high school, I didn’t really like these companys’ targeted market so much. But now, I have let those high school feelings go and actually want to find clothes from these stores in Goodwill for cheap just to say that their clothing fits me and makes me feel goooooooood. Times change, feeling from the past change, and I am a whole new me basically. 🙂

As for the logos themselves, I don’t really want to wear a logo I would consider to be ugly or using my clothing or purses as a “billboard”. Meaning, the logo can’t be too big, ugly, or intrusive. Everybody, including myself who wears and carries designer stuff no matter where we got it from, doesn’t like to be considered a walking billboard. We are not your walking advertisements for your brand! 😡 If you are going to make logo stuff for us millennials to wear, it better be discrete, neatly designed, and creative. This goes for any clothing or purse brand that hops onto this whole logo trend. No walking billboard clothing or purses please! I am aware you are using your logos on clothing and bags as billboard material already to advertise your company/brand which we as consumers purchased in one way or another, but I would like your advertising to not take up entire pieces or clothing or purses. This is how this millennial roles. 🙂

So those are me views on logos as a fellow millennial! As you can see, it all comes down to for me how the logo looks and not wanting to be a walking billboard for a company. Keep it clean, simple and classy if you want me to wear logoed stuff in the future, clothing and purse companies. 🙂

What do you think of logos? Do you like them on clothing or other things?

January 2018 Budget Check-In!

Hiya’ folks! It’s time for my monthly budget check-in! Even though I was doing Mrs. Frugalwoods Uber Frugal Month Challenge, I was unfortunately kind of spendy this month. I will break it down and my entire budget below by each of my budget’s categories!

Let’s see how I did! 🙂

Monthly Bills: $500.00

500 even for monthly bills which consist of monthly expenses like heating, water, cell phone and other bill-like stuff that has to get paid every month. Even rent. Nothing to exciting. 🙂

Activities: $0.00

Well, this category would be about 30 bucks, but I have ended my monthly activity that I do each month because I was just not passionate about it anymore. My monthly activity was a Jujistu classes that I have been taking for around 3 years and I figured if I wasn’t passionate about Jujitsu anymore, then I should not attend it anymore. However, the students in the class and my Jujitsu teacher threw me a big pizza goodbye party for me and it was a lot of fun! They want to stay in contact with me as well, so I will be sending them letters and stuff about my adventures outside of class. 🙂 A very happy ending you could say!

Medication: $0.00

Hey! I think I still have met my deductible and didn’t have to pay for medication this month! Woot woot!

Groceries: $113.42

I think this may be a little high this month for me grocery wise… I think all of those 3 rotisserie chickens I bought for around 5 bucks that added up the total a bit. And I either made a typo in my broccoli category or I spent about 14 bucks on broccoli this month alone. I mean, I eat it all, but still, yeesh… I’m going to reign in the rotisserie chicken buying though in February. Already bought one at Costco, but the good news about me buying rotisserie chickens is that I usually eat all of the meat on them since they are roasted and delicious… *drool* But yeah, not going to buy as many this month…

Misc. Items: $178.86

Oh my god, did I really over do it in this category in January. : ( I will admit that I nickel and dimed myself in this category of my budget this month. 3 bucks here… 2 bucks there… Even though everything I bought didn’t cost much, I still nickel and dimed myself to death you could say. Also, way too much Goodwill shopping, I will admit. I mean a lot, if most of the stuff, I bought at Goodwill was needed, but a few items were wants. : ( This month, I will try not to go to Goodwill as often and only go when I really need an item that I do not have. I’m going reign in this Goodwill habit of mine in February. > _<;;;

Entertainment: $35.47

I have decided to up this category up to around 10 bucks, so instead of clocking into my desired $30.00 for this category, I will try to go to only around $40.00. All of this category is loved by me very much and keeps me going you could say! 🙂

Eating Out: $11.62

So LOCMom and I went to LOCAunt’s and LOCUncle’s to visit in January and I had to spend some money on food for the road. I did pack snacks to eat on the road, but the snacks I packed don’t really fill me up, so we have to stop at this place in Williams, CA called Granzella’s and I have to buy something with protein in it that is not deli meat. I usually go for their restaurant’s soup and that is how I get my protein for the trip. Also went to Costco this month and grabbed a chicken wrap for 3 bucks and it was really tasty! Love me some Costco food! 😀

Budgeted Items: $48.99

Here are all of the items that I budget with my envelope system every month. Things like Costco items and Operation Christmas Child (OCC) items are featured in this category each month. Mostly Costco stuff though. It’s just easier to pay cash with everything you need at Costco then right out of your checking account with a debit card. I find that it hurts less financial wise if I buy things at Costco this way, haha. 🙂


And the grand total for everything is…

*drum roll*

Total: $888.36

Well, not bad, not bad! Could have been a less spendy month, but alas, it was not. 😦 Going to make some serious changes in February though so I can knock my spending down a bit! That Misc. Items category was absolutely bonkers, haha. O _O;;;

How was your January 2018?